When its time to light up your BBQ, ensure you carry out the general cleaning before use. Please follow the below easy instructions:
• Disconnect the gas bottle.

• Lift up the hood and grill/plates and drip tray. Remove the burners and if required scrape off any loose flaky crust with BBQ PRO GRILL BRUSH.

• Replace the aluminium foil on the drip tray and the absorbent material.

• Clean the hotplate and grill with BBQ PRO BBQ CLEANER 350g.

• Clean the body of the barbecue using soapy water. Scrub with BBQ PRO BBQ WIPES.

• Cleaning the BBQ after cooking is required to best care for your cooking surface.

• Each time you finish with your BBQ you should clean the cooking surface with BBQ PRO BBQ CLEANER 350g to remove grease and grime.

• Use the BBQ PRO GRILL BRUSH to scrub any excess food and marinades.

• For cast iron hotplates and grills, spray a light coating of BBQ PRO SPRAY 300g to leave on until your next barbecue. This will prevent rusting.

• Finish it off by using the BBQ PRO BBQ WIPES for superior cleaning.

• When the barbecue is cool, place the barbecue cover on. This helps to protect the barbecue from exposure to the elements. Store your barbecue in a dry area.

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